Cross-in-the-Square Church

Cross-in-the-Square Church
   Also called a quincunx, this church plan is the most common Byzantine church plan from the 10th century until 1453. It has a core of nine bays, the central bay consisting of a dome (q.v.) over a large square resting on four columns. The corner bays can be either domed or groin-vaulted. Examples include the church dedicated to the Theotokos at Hosios Loukas (qq.v.), and the Church of St. Panteleemon at Nerezi, near Skopje (qq.v.), built ca. 1164. Avariant of this design is the Late Byzantine five-domed church plan, with a central dome and four minor domes over the four corner bays between the arms of the cross. Examples include Gracanica in Serbia (qq.v.), begun ca. 1311, and the Church of the Holy Apostles (ca. 1329) in Thessalonike (q.v.).

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